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What a day to pick up your 1966 Mustang convertible!

Everett Smith, owner and longtime collector and restorer of classic vehicles, came by last week to pick up his newest pride and joy - this fabulous American classic. He has been buying classic cars for years from a few choice spots around Seattle. His favorite is a '39 Model A Ford, which he loves on the outside but as a rather tall guy he has a hard time fitting into on the inside. Everett found this Mustang for a sale a few years ago and came to us to get it repainted in its original color. It took a few months to carefully prepare it inch by inch, and complete the curing process, and paint it.

Part of the challenge in work on a 50+ year old car is adding what is wanted and needed without taking away from the original color, look and feel. For Everett’s car we not only painted the outside, but also the interior metal so that it would match. We also added a radio to fit in seamlessly with the existing dash, and we installed Dakota Digital gauges.

When he’s not working on one of his pet project cars or trucks at home, Everett plans to drive his ’66 Mustang around town, and maybe even down to the Edmonds waterfront for all the passers-by to see and enjoy.

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