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Devin and 'Snoopy' won the Award!

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Look what happened last weekend -- one of our customer's cars won the award for Best American Sports Car in Mukilteo

Congratulations, Devin and 'Snoopy', the 1967 Camaro.

We did tons of work on this car starting with the front and back ends which we disassembled and reassembled, then did the alignment, new suspension, new tail lights, wet sanding and buffing before painting the entire car, then we put a few clear coats on it to really shine it up and make it last, and THEN we did the custom pin-striping and a custom Snoopy decal as the Red Baron [hence the car's name], and finally we got some fresh air conditioning work done so he can drive Snoopy all day all summer long and stay cool, just like Snoopy.

By the way, if you zoom in on the first photo you can see Snoopy in the white pin-striping on the side of the headlight closest to Devin. Subtle, but effective. Congratulations on a great showing!

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