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Love and a Caddy

Every car in our shop has a group of stories that come with it when it rolls in, and continues when it rolls out. Jay starts with this ’65 Cadillac that he calls “his baby”.

Jay bought this car in memory of his older brother who was born the year his car was made and passed away years ago.

It has been with us a while, and will be a while longer as it is a labor of love and holds great sentimental value for him. For some of our customers, the car they bring us is not just any car, it’s THE CAR, and we work with them to meet their goals for the car with a budget that works for them. They pour their hearts into the project as much as we do.

He loves this car and how it looks, as well as the significance of the change in body style. The ‘65 was the first year this Cadillac did not have the older style fins from the ‘50s and early ‘60s. While he waits for his car, he wears t-shirts with his car on it [see photo!] and has joined several online groups of car owners where he can swap photos and stories.

Jay comes by to see “his baby” from time to time and check on the progress, and visit us in the shop and office.

It has been repainted, in a custom color he hand chose, and has a blue convertible top. One of the biggest part of the work we’ve done is upgrading the engine from a 429 to a 500. Engine upgrades are a common ask from our customers, and no two are exactly alike.

Prior to coming to us, he had it at another shop and had a really horrible group of experiences, including the time the car went missing from the shop and was suspected as being stolen!

Jay is patiently waiting to have it back and working toward that every day. Once it is done, he plans to drive it until the wheels fall off. It expresses his style, his life and his goals and as he says, “Love makes you do crazy things, and I love my baby.”

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