Modernizing Your Classic Car (Pt. 1)

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

We all love classic cars for one reason or another, whether it is the age-defying styling, the raw, minimalistic driving experience, or even the nostalgia that beckons us back to a different time. But no matter how much we enjoy driving these exhilarating time capsules, they can sometimes be more than a little rough around the edges, especially when compared to any modern-day automobile. Luckily though, there are many different options available to update your ride's drivability, everything from upgrading reliability, adding safety features, and even the addition of modern amenities. So whether you're just simply looking to update your classic car or go with a full resto-mod build, with today's vast array of aftermarket parts, it makes almost any build coming to fruition possible.


Probably one of the most important upgrades you can make to any classic car is to enhance its stopping ability. Disk brakes are often taken for granted nowadays, so it is easy to forget the potentially dangerous drawbacks of driving on old-school drum brakes. So, unless you're adamant about keeping your vehicle stock, upgrading to a set of modern disk brakes is an excellent choice for both safety and performance. There are many choices available depending on your vehicle's application, but even just switching to a front disk brake setup can drastically improve your vehicle's safety while driving. If you're looking for more of a performance setup, many aftermarket companies offer full disk brake kits that have the ability to be on par with some modern-day sports cars.


Living in the pacific northwest, we often experience drastic changes in our weather that can almost seem to occur frequently on a daily basis. Sometimes trying to cold start an old vehicle can be more than a little challenging, so upgrading to an EFI and electronic ignition system can be a game-changer that can even benefit performance and fuel economy.

More and more companies are designing new fuel injection systems, making them a more readily available option for people looking to ditch their carburetor. Paired with an electronic ignition system can significantly increase reliability and provide you with immense tuning capabilities that can be achieved with the ease of a simple touch screen.


A good set of wheels and tires might seem like a small change, but it can make a world of difference. Even just a good set of performance tires can completely change the way your car feels to drive. Wheel technology has dramatically improved over the years, with them becoming lighter, stronger, and more affordable while still maintaining a somewhat classic look even when upgrading to a lower tire profile set up. Upgrading to a low-profile tire setup will also open the door to a wide variety of modern performance tires. Even stiffening and bracing your vehicle's chassis can be a great affordable option that can significantly increase stability and handling. If you still want to take the handling of your car to the next level, there are many options available for aftermarket suspension. Coilovers have flooded the automotive scene and are becoming the standard in performance handling, offering the ability to almost flawlessly dial in your suspension. Air suspension is another excellent option that has been around since before the 1950s. Getting its start in NASCAR and Drag racing, Air suspension has come leaps and bounds since the integration of modern technology, offering a plethora of fitment and performance benefits.

So whether you are deciding just to do a couple of modifications or go with a full resto-mod style build, hopefully, this helped you decide on modernizing your classic car.

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